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    WSO Sales Copywriting + WSO Product Launching + Coaching Services.

WSO Sales Copywriting + WSO Product Launching + Coaching Services.

After being asked over and over again whether I offer any kind of coaching services…I had to say no many many times.

NOW, for the first time ever, I am now (May 22, 2015) starting to offer these services: sales copywriting, product launching promo, and specialized coaching services.

My services will be offered for a limited amount of […]

[WSO] DONE-FOR-YOU List Building Campaigns…!

My New WSO Launch May 16, 2015:
[DONE-FOR-YOU List Building Campaigns]

I do not need to tell you the importance of building your email list. All of you should already know that your success in internet marketing, means having an email list.

However, there are a lot of things to setup though for list building…

Skip most of […]

[WSO] 6-Figure Squeeze Page Templates

[6-FIGURE Squeeze Pages]

Is your old style of squeeze pages still working?

Are you looking for some new squeeze pages to split test…?

Check out the 6-FIGURE Squeeze Page templates, it’s a new proven way to increase optin conversion rates using the 2-click method.

Visit WSO==> http://www.wsootd.com/wso/6FigureSqueezePages/

Want to promote this launch?

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    My Top 5 CPA Networks For Affiliates + Plus Free Guide On Getting Accepted!

My Top 5 CPA Networks For Affiliates + Plus Free Guide On Getting Accepted!

CPA means cost per action and is  simply just another form of affiliate marketing. Unlike the infamous clickbank affiliate network, where affiliates make money by promoting digital products and earning a commission only when a sale is made. With CPA (cost per action), affiliates can make money on all kinds of digital + physical […]

EASY Ways to Get More Traffic in 2015

FREE WSO: [99 Easy Ways To Get More Traffic]

This guide will provide you with so MANY traffic generation ideas than you’ll know what to do with.

It’s FREE!

Grab it here==> http://www.free-wso.com/freewso/99ways/

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Warriorplus Signup page >>> https://warriorplus.com/aff-offer/o/xgzcbs

[WSO] Million Dollar Copy Swipes…. Over 2,000+ Swipes

My New WSO Launch: [Million Dollar Copy Swipes]

Truth: I AM NOT a professional copywriter!!!

Yet I have 10,000+ WSO sales and have launched 2 WSO of The Day products. 

I’d just studied other copywriters’ successful sales pages, and then imitate their styles for my own salespages.

Million Dollar Copy Swipes contains over 2000+ of the best sales copy […]

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    [Free WSO] How to Launch Your Own WSO With WarriorPlus Tutorial 2015

[Free WSO] How to Launch Your Own WSO With WarriorPlus Tutorial 2015

My New FREE WSO Launch:
[Leon’s 2015 Easy WSO Launch Guide]

My subscribers have been asking me about how to create and launch a WSO in 2015. So I’ve put this free package together on easy product creation ideas and also recorded a 30 minute video on launching a WSO on WarriorPlus.
You’ll see how I setup […]

The Rich Bully System Affiliate Offers + Video Marketing

The Rich Bully System…

These Bully methods have been awarded WSO Of The Day 3 times!

Real Proof, Real Case Studies, Real Warrior Results!

Seriously, go check out The Rich Bully here…
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All affiliates with proven sales record of 100+ will get automatic instant approval + instant commission.

100% commission Frontend […]