I have seen this question pop up more times than I can remember on public forums. While the views of the posters differ, much of it is just based on hear says with no credible evidence to support the claims.


As if that isn’t enough, the quacks peddling the solo ads business are forcing half-truths down people’s throat just so I can make some money off their ‘newbieic’ naivetés (hope my choice of word is permitted?!)

So, let’s debunk this myth right now, without mincing words. Does Solo Ads work? Yes. Does every Solo Ad work? No! Confused? There is no need to. It’s not rocket science, if it were, I wouldn’t be here teaching it.

Solo ads business thrived on the understanding that email marketing is the best and least expensive means of getting your message across to potential customers or buyers if you want. There is no telling how important this means of communication is.

In true marketer’s thinking, the gurus thought, if email marketing is godsend, ‘why don’t we rent email lists and use the ‘relationship’ already established with the list by the owner to push our products out there to hungry buyers?’ Notice the word ‘relationship’. That’s the key thing when considering solo ads. It’s the relationship, no more, no less.

Not too long ago, Leon ran a post here on the result of his Fiverr solo ads experiment. He went out there and placed order for thousands of clicks and what did he get in return? Garbage! You know why? There is nothing like email marketing or solo ads success if the relationship with the list is ‘not there’ or ‘lost’.

Fiverr sellers can sell thousands of click for a mere $4 (remove $1 for Fiverr’s commission) because these emails are often scrapped with no real value and zero relationship. They are just what they are, ’emails’. No more, no less.

Knowing this, will Solo Ads work for you? Sure! But only if you buy from credible sources who have relationship with their list not from people who have sold the life out of their email subscribers. Since the popularity of Solo Ads got on the rise last year, we have heard a lot of success stories and of course, equal amount of horror stories. Sometimes, it seems the success stories come from a side of the coin and the horror stories from another side of the coin. Your guess is as good as mine.


That said, when you buy from people who understand how valuable relationship is with their list, you will smile to the bank. In fact, if you hit a home run, just scale it, yes! It can be that profitable. Although, quality Solo ads is much more expensive than penny click that Leon preaches about, it can be as profitable if you know what you’re doing.

In addition, here is my recommendation. I have noticed that people with ‘smaller’ list have better relationship with their list compared to mainstream solo ads seller. Therefore, if I was starting out, here’s what I’ll do. I’ll approach potential sellers in my niche who I know are credible and give them a proposal to run a solo ad through their list. Many of them will gladly allow you in exchange for money of course. The dollar sign is a big motivator for many people, myself inclusive. Once you find a few good people to work with, get the ball rolling. Schedule your campaign and wait for result.

If you want faster approach and a bigger pond to swim in, check out the classified section of the WarriorForum. There are a lot of sellers there. Look through the threads and see people’s comment, this is very, very important.

You can also search for Facebook groups. Join a community, watch the active users and closely follow the comments. Generally, when people are angry, it’s easier to make a bad comment than make a good comment, too many complaints from a seller and you should know he/she isn’t worth your time or money.

I have also found Skype groups to be effective. You can always find the seller, call the person and discuss extensively. Although, it is difficult to cross the person’s history and reliability. One good advantage is, you can ask other group members about the reputation of the person in question.

On a general note, the going rate is about 30-50 cents a click depending on the quality. If you find someone offering you a buyer’s list and he’s genuine, jump at the opportunity. We all know how much a buyer’s list is worth!

This is just the preliminary of the process. There’s a lot to solo ads like tracking, monitoring the campaign, tweaking your landing page etc. If you love this post and will like more explanation under this topic, please comment below. Who knows, we might start a whole series on this business model.


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