Nowadays, there are thousands of web hosting services. They come and go fairly quickly. Since 2007, I’ve gone through around twenty different web hosting companies. But only one stood the test of time for me, and that’s hostgator.

I’ve been with hostgator web hosting service for over 5 years! Here was my first bill from hostgator from August of 2007.

Payment Type: PayPal
Payment Date: 08/14/2007 11:09 AM
Transaction ID: 17198075A******

To this day, I’m still proudly hosting my websites with Hostgator!

There are many good reasons why I’ve stayed with hostgator for this long.

Their hosting service is very reliable. I use an external server monitor to track downtime, and each month, the uptime has always been around 99.97% or better.

Hostgator provides fast support, live chat, fast email tickets, and phone support. 

Hostgator seriously monitors their servers. When my site use too much resources, they help me find ways to optimize my sites for free.

There were several times when my sites were hacked and got infected with malware. Hostgator was able to scan and removed the malware and restored my sites back to normal. All free, no additional charges.

On top of that they offer really cheap prices for shared web hosting. Click here and pay only 1 penny for your first month of unlimited web hosting.

My loyalty is forever to hostgator, and I highly recommend them to anybody looking for a reliable web hosting service with great support. 

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