A traffic exchange simply means exchanging traffic between  two or more websites. For example, I put up a banner on my site linking to and he put up a banner linking from his site back to my site. You can also call this a banner exchange. There are other forms of traffic exchange like a link exchange, where sites exchange links with each other. The goal is to send visitors (traffic) to each other so that everyone can benefit.

But in this “traffic exchange” post I will be talking about traffic exchange services. NOT auto surfing traffic exchanges, homepage exchange, or things like that.

I’m going to show you how to get visitors to your sites that are genuinely interested. The traffic exchange services I’m referring to work similar to pay per click ads, where you put up these ads, and when visitors from your site click on them, you get points. With these points, you’ll use them to get visitors to your site.

With these traffic exchange services, your ad can potentially be displayed on hundreds and even thousands of different sites. Here’s what a traffic exchange ad looks like, they do come in all different shapes and sizes but generally they mostly look like this:


The reason why these traffic exchange ads are so effective is because these ads look nothing like advertisements. They look like regular blog posts. And most ads contain links to only the most interesting stories, news, images, videos, and articles.

Here are the top 5 most popular and established traffic exchange services:

In June of 2013, I was using traffic exchange service, here’s my traffic stats. In a span of 5 days, I’ve sent 30 clicks and received 4,146 clicks to my site! These were my best days.


I’ve only used MGID briefly for about a month, not because the traffic wasn’t good, but because I no longer run that particular site since then. Here’s my stats spanning for that 1 month period.


I’ve sent 1,622 clicks and received 15,258 clicks in return. That’s pretty crazy! I am not sure if this kind of exchange ratio is typical or not but it’s definitely a great way to get traffic! 

Some of these traffic exchanges, you don’t even need to exchange clicks for traffic, they even offer per per click. Meaning, it works just like google adsense, they pay you for every click on their ads. There’s even a hybrid mode where you can get paid per click and can also exchange points for traffic.

Requirements to join these premium traffic exchange services.

Your website needs to have a lot of traffic already (Alexa ranking below 100k is good), it must be unique, and have quality content. Sites that generally works best for these premium traffic exchange services are: news sites, magazine sites, game sites, entertainment sites, and things of that “fun & viral” nature.

They won’t accept adult, gambling, illegal download sites, illegal movie sites, or any kind of illegal sites.


If you are using adsense on your websites, google may or may not like you to get visitors from traffic exchanges. Even though a lot of the world’s biggest websites and news sites such as: MTV, AOL,, venturebeats,, all use these types of premium traffic exchange services. So I cannot tell if adsense will allow your site to use a premium traffic exchange service or not. It really depends on the quality of your website, if you have a good long history with adsense, then it may be okay. But to be safe, you can always contact adsense support. 

Have you used any traffic exchange services? Leave a comment about your experience below.

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