I have to be honest with you guys, I use adblock plus on my chrome browser. I love this thing!

But as a webmaster, I make money by showing ads to my visitors. So I have to find out how to fight back adblock plus and other ad blockers.

If your site is displaying ads from PPC ad networks such as google Adsense, then sorry I can’t help you. Adsense doesn’t allow you to mess with their codes, so these ads will get blocked by users with adblock enabled. You can do things like install a script to force visitors to disable their ad blockers, but your visitors will likely just leave your site instantly.

The good news is that if you are displaying banner ads from networks such as: CPA networks, clickbank ads, Commission Junction, linkshare, or with your own banner ads. Then there’s a way for you to make this work.

The Adblock extension is pretty smart. It checks for the banner file location, if it comes from an ad network, it’ll block it. It also checks for the URL from the banner, if it’s a known affiliate link or ad link of some sort, it’ll block it as well. Another thing, is that it’ll check the banner image size, if they are in IAB standard format such as 300 x 250, it’ll likely block that too. Lastly, it’ll check for the image name, if it looks like a known advertiser image name, then it may block it as well.

In this post, there are 3 of the same banner ads (Hostgator ads, I love them! Don’t You?). If you have adblock extension enabled, it should block 2 of my banner ads. But 1 banner is still going to show up below. If you don’t use any adblock extensions, then you will see all 3, OH MY!


 So to overcome some of these adblock restrictions, you should do these things to make your banners show up. 

1) Resize & rename the banner image. So if the banner is 300 x 250, try to resize it to 290 x 241 or something like that. Then rename it to something else.

2) Don’t display the banner image directly from the ad network. Download the banner and upload it to your own server.

3) Don’t use your affiliate links in plain sight, cloak it. Simply just use a redirect.

So after you follow the steps above, your ad should now show up:



If you can’t see the hostgator banner ad directly above this, please leave a comment about it.

 Thanks for reading!

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