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User Success Story: This is Ryan’s experience with Penny Per Click, he left me two reviews of his progress.

I implemented it and at first it was very slow getting going, but then after 2-3 days of being live it just started to go and i went from a couple subscribers to avg. 18/day now! I have 38 subs. and it’s only cost me $1.34 (3.5 cents per sub…and i’m sure it will get cheaper, but for now, that’s great considering my other traffic source was costing me about 30 cents per sub.)Thanks for sharing this and it’s great to see a WSO actually produce results.Best,-Ryan.
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This flat out works…and works very well. The key thing is getting more volume which you can do with playing around with it an doing some extra work but right now I’m getting 30 optins per day at only 3-4 cents an optin. And now i’m starting to work on scaling this.Great guy to work with. Definitely has gained my trust which has been VERY few people on this forum. His landing page he gave to use is working well too. Converting at around 60% for me.Hope this helps someone else.-Ryan.


FAQs Updated April 7, 2014

Do I need a domain name for my landing pages?
VIDEO: How to Use Dynamic Keyword Insert On Landing Page
BEWARE OF THE First Page Bid!?
How to Expand your keyword list? Check comment section “expand your keyword list”
View below new conversion tracking video for optin ==> affiliate offer 

These are the most frequently asked questions I’ve been receiving via email.

I just want to point out that the Penny Per Click guide is for showing you how to get quality traffic for cheap. This is not a guide about teaching you step-by-step on how to do affiliate marketing, how to make money online, build landing pages, list building, creating sales funnel, and things like that.

But I will do my best to answer what I can.

What to include on your landing page?

Whatever you decide to do, optin landing page, presell page, or direct link. ALWAYS make sure these links are  present on the landing page. The links will be to these pages : Home, Contact us, Privacy policy, Terms. 

If you need to create privacy & term pages. You can copy the text from this site: Privacy , Terms

Remember! You need to replace howtowebmaster.com with your own website.com

Do I need a domain name for my landing pages?

Ideally, you will need you own domain. You can have 1 generic domain for all of your promotions such as MyAwesomeOffers.com.

Then you can promote any kind of offers you want like:




Search on google for “godaddy coupons”. You can register a new domain for $1-$2.

Good Ad Impressions But Low Clicks?

If you are suffering from low clicks but have descent ad impressions, then you need to write better text ads. Copy & reword from top paying google ads. Always continue to split test your text ads (about 4-6 at a time). Aim for around 3% CTR (click through rate). 

Should you use single optin or double optin?

For me personally, I use single optin for list building using this traffic. Double optin is safer for spam compliance but you will lose a lot of potential subscribers this way. It’s up to you.

Campaign Budget, Accelerated or Standard?

Start with $5 daily budget to be safe. If you can handle more then do $10, $20, etc. If you want, you can use accelerated option (seen below) when you click on the “daily budget option”.  The accelerated option allows your ads to be shown as quickly as possible. The downside is, for example, your campaign starts running at nighttime in the USA, by morning, your campaign’s budget is reached and most traffic probably came from foreign visitors. So your campaign missed out on all of the juicy USA traffic during the day. 

The higher your budget, the better the accelerated campaigns work. This way your ad gets shown quickly throughout the entire day. Start small and raise your budget as needed.

If you are getting very low ad impressions, go ahead and use accelerated and increase your daily budget to $10+.


How long does it takes for ad approval and to start getting clicks?

It can take up to a day for approval. Once the ad is active, it can take another 24 hours for impressions and clicks to show up in your dashboard stats. I don’t think the stats are real-time so there will be some delay for sure.

How many keywords should I add per ad group?

Add as many keywords (broad and long tails) as you can, like 200+ keywords. Make sure the keywords make some sense to the offer you’re promoting. When using keyword tools like adwords keyword planner, manually remove keywords from your list that don’t belong. Example: for a diabetes keyword list. You wouldn’t want keywords like acne treatment, hair loss, or teeth whitening.

I’m kind of lazy when doing these ad groups, I would stick 200+ keywords in 1 ad group. This is not like Google adwords where you need 1 keyword per ad group to please the google god.

BEWARE OF THE First Page Bid!?

When you add keywords into your campaign, you might get the first page keyword treatment which will actually make your bids go skyrocketing high! 


Go ahead and add all the keywords you want and leave the first page bid alone for now, you can edit them later in the keywords panel.

To bulk edit your keywords, inside your keywords panel, choose to show keyword rows by 200 or more, it’s near the bottom of the page:

Next check the box to select all of the keywords, then click edit and select change current bid.

Then change bids for “Keywords”, and set bids to .05 or whatever you like. Make sure to do this to the other keywords from other keyword pages if they are set to “first page bid”.


Should you target both PPC search and PPC content?

Yes, start with $0.05 minimum for both. In certain niches, the content network will provide better conversions and more clicks.

How to setup  conversion tracking?

You can track for sales or leads. This way you can see which keywords produced the conversions.

To create a conversion tracking code click tools at the top right of the page inside your dashboard:


Then click campaign analytics.


Then click create goal.

create goal

This is the settings I use to track an email optin. The goal name is Optin, the conversion step is called submit form. I give it a constant value of 1 for every 1 optin. You can create goals for tracking sales for your own products/services and you can use whatever value you want as the sale price.


goal settings

Then click on the save and generate code. You will then see the tracking code.

You can also use any 3rd party tracking like prosper202 or bevo. It doesn’t matter what you use, you just have to use some kind of tracking.

Where do you place the conversion tracking code?

You would place conversion tracking code in your thank you page after an optin or a sale. A thank you page for example can be a page that your visitor sees after he completed payment for a product. The thank you page would contain the tracking code that triggers a conversion and reports that to your account and then you can see this conversion in your stats.

There can be different types of thank you pages. It all works the same way though, they all contain some kind of tracking code that triggers a conversion of some sort.

So for tracking email optins, some of you may choose to do this differently with your own thank you pages such as a thank you page giving away a free report or a confirmation page of some sort. You would simply place your conversion tracking code in that page.

Here’s what I do for tracking optin without a traditional thank you page since I want the visitor to be forwarded instantly to my affiliate offer after submitting the optin form from my landing page.

The video goes over the steps below:

This is now the technical part (if anyone know of a simpler way, do tell).

So everytime a visitor submits the optin form on my landing page, my optin form will then forward this visitor to the affiliate offer page. So here’s my settings inside my getresponse account web form settings area:


So the custom thank you page would be a URL that the visitor sees after submitting the optin form. This custom URL will forward to the affiliate offer like a clickbank product. The URL would be a page from my site, for example, http://howtowebmaster.com/redirect.html.

The page “redirect.html” would contain this code below. It’s basically my thank you page which contains the conversion code and will also redirect the visitor to my affiliate offer. There are different ways to do conversion tracking, and this is the way I do mine for redirecting a visitor straight to the affiliate offer after submitting the optin form.

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”1;url=AFFILIATE URL GOES HERE”>



Have a question? Please leave it in the comments below  so everyone can see it as well.

Thank you

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