Today, I will reveal a successful PPV skincare campaign that I’ve tested a few months ago back in December 2013. I will show you the exact skincare keywords I’ve used to make around a 500% return promoting this Skincare CPA offer that requires a credit card submit. 

The Skincare CPA Offer?

The typical credit card submit CPA offer pays anywhere from $20-$50+. To earn a commission, your visitor must make a purchase through your affiliate link. Credit card submit CPA offers are much harder to earn a commission on compared with form submit CPA offers.

The skincare offer I’ve chosen was the Auravie trial offer from Peerfly CPA network. This Auravie offer on Peerfly, pays $32.75 per sale in commissions.

The PPV Traffic Source

PPV is pay per view marketing. I use LeadImpact as my PPV traffic source for this skincare CPA campaign. 

Here’s what I’ve spent for Leadimpact PPV traffic on this skincare campaign for the month of December 2013. I’ve spent $69.80 and gotten 63 conversions. These are not the actual CPA Skincare conversions, these are my email optin conversions.


The 63 conversions are the # of email subscribers I’ve generated from this campaign using optin landing page. I would not recommend to ever do direct linking to CPA offers. Always use a landing page with an optin form. You want to capture your visitors’ emails so you can continue to push the same CPA offer to them for at least the first 3 days. Set up the email optin, so that once your visitors has subscribed, they will automatically be forwarded to the skincare offer.

Here are the top converting keywords with the most email optin conversions. As you can see, the skincare keywords are quite expensive to generate an email optin. I’m mostly getting 1 email optin per $1 spent. Most of my keyword bids are around $0.015 to $0.016. 


After 30 days, now I would just have to optimize and remove the costly keywords and my cost per email optin would go down tremendously. More optins = more sales.

30 Day Revenue

So in the month of December 2013, the PPV traffic costed me $69.80 and I’ve made $234.25 in commissions earned with 7 total people submitting their credit cards for an Auravie skincare trial. At first, I’ve promoted the $32.75 Auravie offer, then I realized that there was a higher paying Auravie offer at $35.25, so I started promoting that one instead. The higher paying one #9539 actually performs a lot better! Anyways, that’s why you see two different Auravie offers in the report below.


The profit is $164.45 for a 30 day period. Well, I’ve only spent about 3 hours total on it, so that’s not bad. Plus I didn’t even scale this thing up. Most of my bids were at bare minimums at 1.5 cents per view and some a little bit more. This is just a small test campaign that has a lot of potential. This case study is to show everyone that credit card submit CPA offers work just fine with PPV traffic.

If you want to try this campaign and increase profit, you should split test a couple of different skincare offers. Also, test different landing pages, and then increase the keyword bids to get more traffic. I would not expand to any other PPV network until you make a nice profit at Leadimpact first. 


You can go beyond skincare offers. Try other credit card submit offers, there are plenty of other trial offers.  Always ALWAYS use a landing page with an email optin form so you can capture emails and continue to push the offer even after the visitors left your page. And also, always bid the minimum PPV price and then increase slowly.

PPV is a huge traffic source and is very profitable across so many niches. You’d be surprise at the things that will perform well with PPV traffic.

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