I relaunched only about 2 and a half weeks ago. I’ve done a lot of things to bring in traffic to this site such as SEO, forum marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Here are the top 9 sources that sends me the most traffic. I will exclude direct visits and email marketing.


For a new site, obviously google isn’t going to send me much traffic right away. is one of my sites that links to this site, so I’m not going to give this much weight. Forum marketing has proven to be a very good way to get traffic with forums like: warriorforum (#1 referral traffic) and digitalpoint. Reddit is also pretty good but they are not too kind towards internet marketing links. is not bad, it’s like reddit but for internet marketing links. 

For a new internet marketing site, social media marketing doesn’t really work too well. I’ve tried pinterest, twitter, and facebook. Starting from scratch with zero fans and followers just isn’t gonna bring in fast traffic organically. With other types of sites like: funny image and video sites. I’ve literally received thousands of visitors overnight by using social media.

So there you have it. A quick and effective way to get traffic to your internet marketing site is by forum marketing. It’s really two birds with one stone, you build backlinks and gain traffic at the same time. See my list of the top 5 webmaster forums.

What is forum marketing? 

Participate in discussions and make posts at forums, start new threads, use signature links, use an avatar with your logo.

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