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Launch With Leon!
A Top Seller (20,000+ Product Sales), 
3X Awarded, Elite Seller Status.

Now offering FREE product launching service!

Did You Create A New Product? 
But Don't Know How To Sell It?

Have You Created a Product, and it is now just 
sitting on your computer collecting dusk?

I have great news for you...

You've already taken care of the hard part!

Let's partner up and let me take care of everything else!

That's right!
You sit back and relax, and let me do the rest....

I'll setup your salespage 
(You should have some sales copy written)
I'll make your sales copy better
I'll setup a sales funnel
I'll take care of the file hosting and web hosting
I'll Recruit Affiliates
I'll promote your product to my list of 15k
I'll build your buyers email list for you

We split 50/50 profit and the new buyers list
(instant paypal payments to you with every sale!)

What's the catch?

1) You must have created a unique and quality product. 
I must review it first and approve it before moving onto the next step.

2) You must have created some sales copy. Doesn't have to be the best, just enough for me to work with. I'll add in the missing elements and improve your sales copy.

3) The product launch will be with my warriorplus account.
The salespage will include both of our names and photos (if you want) I will link your paypal and autoresponder service to my account. We will share the 50/50 profit and share the email subscribers generated from the sales of the product. The subscribers and paypal payments will instantly go to your own accounts upon every sale.

I think these are fair conditions considering I'll be using my own resources for doing the entire launching process from creating the salespage, hosting, promoting to my list, recruiting affiliates, setting up the funnel, etc.

So, if you have a good product and looking 
for a launch partner who'll do everything else for free.

I'm Your Guy!

How to reach me. 

Contact me here:

Or email me at:

or PM me using warriorforum:
MYDCOM | Warrior Forum

Thanks for looking!

-Leon Tran
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