My Top 5 CPA Networks For Affiliates + Plus Free Guide On Getting Accepted!

CPA means cost per action and is  simply just another form of affiliate marketing. Unlike the infamous clickbank affiliate network, where affiliates make money by promoting digital products and earning a commission only when a sale is made. With CPA (cost per action), affiliates can make money on all kinds of digital + physical products […]

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How To Pick A Good Clickbank Product to Promote?

I’ve gotten to know Leon through his WSO product Penny Per Click.

I told Leon that I wanted to promote clickbank products with PPC. So I asked him to share some tips on how to pick a good clickbank product to promote. After all, Leon was a top clickbank affiliate.

I’m going to be sharing these tips with you below.

1. […]

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BingAds PPC – Does Direct Linking Clickbank Offers Still Work?

In this day and age, direct linking is usually for the lazy affiliate marketers. But, it still works!

A warriorforum member, CAVOW, posted:

“This is my first post here in the community, I opened my account back in 2011 but never really used it , anyways, I just wanted to say that I’m a newbie in affiliate marketing , […]

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