Techniques on How to Get More Organic Traffic on Facebook

Social Media Marketing was considered as the next big thing. It’s something temporary but powerful that should be taken advantage of. According to Zephoria, there are over 2.01 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone as of June 2017. Thus, the possibility that this fad would fade would be far on the horizon.


Using social media […]

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Avoid The Top 10 Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Stop making Facebook marketing mistakes. 

– Discover the top tricks for making the most out of your marketing efforts on Facebook!
– Learn what Facebook visitors really want. (Once you get this right, your success will improve immediately!)

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Facebook Fanpage Ads Case Studies – Paying Penny Per Clicks

In this free ebook, you will learn how to get Facebook Ads Traffic for less than a penny per click.

Included are several LIVE case studies with thousands of clicks and followers for pennies. Some really cool interesting strategies to target and build your new fanpage from scratch for any niche!

Grab this guide along with 10 training […]

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Free Facebook Marketing Ebook: How To Promote The Right Way!

MY FREE Guide Today: December 28, 2015


Facebook Warrior Strategies


I’ve always loved social media traffic, because it is practically free and it comes fast. Imagine being able to send a promo message with the click of a button, and then have a boatload of people see your promotion. 

This guide is free, get it now:


There are no monthly fees…unlike having […]

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Watch Out! Facebook Fanpage Phishing Scams On The Rise!

I run a few facebook fanpages and just last week, I was hit with a terrifying private message on one of my fanpages, warning me of a violation and account being disabled if I don’t take action. The message subject reads…

Inside, the full message reads….

I was quite scared indeed! Did I pissed off some […]

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My Fiverr Case Study – Buying Facebook Fanpage Posts With Millions of Fans, Does it work?

Some time ago I did the fiverr solo ad experiment, exposing the truth about these solo ad sellers offering 100,000+ email  blasts for just $5!

Anyhow, recently I did another fiverr experiment where I buy facebook fanpage posts to see if this can bring some good traffic to my site.

Here it goes. 

On June 5, 2014 I […]

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Become a Social Media Guru – How to Legally Steal Fans and Followers!

Social media is the future as much as it’s present. Every day, we see it evolving in different forms.

A decade ago, we didn’t have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many other communication channels. Suddenly, a decade after, we’re overwhelmed with the diversity of this wondering marketing tools.

In the midst of all these options, the most […]

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The Principle of Internet Marketing in 2014

Ever heard the saying ‘knowledge is power’? if you don’t believe it, that ignorance may cost you a few thousand dollars or even a few million dollars together with a large chunk of time – time you could have used to make more profit, spend with your loved ones or just doing whatever you love […]

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