250/Day Solo Ads With The Boss Crusher…

250/day solo ads system revealed.The ONLY solo ad system you will ever need!
The Boss Crusher – Solo Ad System


You will learn:


·       The 4 reason newbies fail and how to avoid them


·       Importance of list congruence


·       How to create a killer sales funnel


·       Squeeze page design


·       How to write good copy


·       How to ask the right questions


·       6 things to avoid doing


·       How to […]

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The Top 100 Solo Ads Sellers List

Grab my free list of…

The Top 100 High Converting Solo Ads List

The biggest quality solo ads list ever created.
After 3 years of buying solo ads…. find out who’s made it to the top of the list.

Every solo ad seller has been tested for quality click traffic and at least a minimum of 28% optin conversion rate.

Download the Solo Detective’s top […]

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Guide: How To Make Money With Solo Ads – Use The Right Sales Funnel

Solo Ad Professor

After 2 years of solo ads buying…


The Solo Ad Professor teaches you how to do it the right way, with 8 training videos and mind-maps. 


Do NOT buy solo ads until you know exactly how to profit from it…to maximize every solo ad. Many people just buy solo ads, get a bunch of subscribers, but don’t know how […]

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WSO: [$1 PLR] Solo Ad List Building Video Package!

Grab UNRESTRICTED PLR rights to a high quality solo ad list building video package for just $1!



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-Use it for yourself…


-Give it away for free to build your list…


-Resell this right out of the box (comes with reseller salespage)


-Even resell this with PLR rights!


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Signup now to get 100% affiliate commission, plus […]

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Click Magick: The Best Tracking Tool For Buying and Selling Solo Ads Clicks

I just started selling solo ads about a month ago.

At first, I was using prosper202 free self-hosted tracking tool to sell my solo ads clicks.

But then things got a little more complicated. Some of my solo ad buyers only want to buy a certain amount of clicks such as 100 clicks, 200 clicks, 500 clicks, etc.

Then, some […]

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I’m Selling Solo Ads For The First Time Ever!

For the 1st time ever! I am selling solo ad services at a cheap flat price starting from $50.

Your chance to reach 35,000+ subscribers including bloggers, website owners, MMO seekers, and warrior marketers.

I have not read a lot of books on selling solo ads, but I am learning through experience and will probably post a case study about […]

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Free Guide: How To Buy Solo Ads For List Building

MY NEW WSO Launch: August 29, 2015 

Price $1.95
Learn the fundamentals of buying solo ads.


What make solo ads worth it? 


Do this the right way and you’ll basically get your solo ads for free.


When you buy solo ads, you should always make back you money and more!

Learn more about the Solo Ads Holy Grail, visit below:


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Want to […]

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Can You Make Money With Solo Ads?

I have seen this question pop up more times than I can remember on public forums. While the views of the posters differ, much of it is just based on hear says with no credible evidence to support the claims.

As if that isn’t enough, the quacks peddling the solo ads business are forcing half-truths down […]

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