Click Magick: The Best Tracking Tool For Buying and Selling Solo Ads Clicks

I just started selling solo ads about a month ago.

At first, I was using prosper202 free self-hosted tracking tool to sell my solo ads clicks.

But then things got a little more complicated. Some of my solo ad buyers only want to buy a certain amount of clicks such as 100 clicks, 200 clicks, 500 clicks, etc.

Then, some […]

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What Are Google Analytics UTM Links and How to Easily Use Them For Tracking?

I love google analytics. It’s the best free reliable tracking tool on the planet. Who knows!? Google may actually take your data and use them for their own evil empire. Who cares! I don’t. Google Analytics rocks!
What are Google Analytic UTM Tags?

Google UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tags allow you to add extra information to you […]

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Awstats Vs. Google Analytics Traffic Stats

I used to love awstats, I though it was very good and the numbers always made me happy. Because Awstats actually inflates your traffic stats almost twice as much as G-Analytics.

Okay let’s do a little comparison: Awstats vs G-Analytics.

Here’s a website of mine. It get’s 500-1000+ daily visitors depending on which traffic stats you look at.

I […]

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