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My name is Leon Tran, I've been doing internet marketing since 2005. I love everything about working from home. I've been an awarded infoproduct seller, Clickbank (premier affiliate), Ebay PowerSeller, and an avid lead builder. I’ll be sharing marketing tutorials, tips, tricks, and reviews including: SEO, domaining, affiliate marketing, make money methods, traffic generation, list building, and much more! Thank you! Please subscribe, share, and comment.

VidioLoc Review Walkthrough Video Content Locker WordPress Plugin

My video walkthrough of VidioLoc Review, it is a video content locker wordpress plugin.
VidioLoc is a wordpress plugin that can quickly build video sites in any niche. The primary […]

Warning Domain Name Search Engine Renewal Notification SCAM

I have actually been getting these emails about domain name search engine notice renewal notifications. It’s ALL a FRAUD! These is no such thing as domain search engine registration renewals.
These […]

Black Friday Deals For Internet Marketers 2018

Check out Cyber Monday Deals Here!
Welcome to the Ultimate list of Black Friday Deals 2018 for internet marketers and business owners. There are a number of essential tools you will […]

WP Automatic Plugin Review Video – How Does it Work?

In my WP automatic review video, I’ll show you how I got 2500+ Free organic traffic by using this plugin.
I’ll also show you my traffic statistics for 1 year since […]

My FLIPPA Review: FLippa Scams Site Appraisal Service

In my Flippa review video, I’ll reveal you numerous Flippa scams sites being sold. There are a Great Deal Of suspicious scam-looking websites for sale at Flippa. You have to […]

VidCuratorFX2.0 Review Video Is It Worth It?

In my VidCuratorFX 2.0 Review, view me develop some videos with this cloud bulk video developer software application. Get VidCuratorFX 2.0 here: http://bit.ly/vidcuratorfx2-0

* This is my affiliate link, thank you […]

HostGator Reviews From Customer of 11 Years

My sincere HostGator Reviews, I have actually been a consumer with hostgator for 11+ years. As seen in my HostGator reviews video, you will see my billing history from 11 […]

My ScriptReel Review – I’m Not Impressed

Watch Leon’s honest ScriptReel review, I do not like it!
Script Reel stopped working to reveal that a membership to Amazon AWS (text to speech or transcription) service is required. So […]