Adsense is a big money maker for a lot of webmasters. It is easy to implement on your websites and you earn probably the highest rate per click compared to any other ad network. A lot of people make a nice full-time income online just by building websites and displaying adsense ads on them.

But once your site or account is banned by adsense, this can be a total nightmare. Your income can literally disappear overnight. Fortunately, there are many good adsense alternatives.

To be accepted as a publisher into a high paying ad network, the majority of these require you to have a high quality website with a lot of traffic, typically below alexa ranking of 100k. Then there are those 2nd-tier ad networks that will accept lower quality or lower traffic sites like: autoblogs, cookie cutter sites, spammy sites, illegal sharing sites, and such.

Here are the top premium ad networks:

Here are the top paying reputable high paying ad networks. Again, if you got a high quality website with an alexa ranking of less than 100k, you’ve got it pretty easy, many premium ad networks will gladly accept your website into their networks. Heck, even if you’re still using adsense for your other sites, you should also add some of these other ads and make even more money! – They are partnered with Yahoo/Bing networks. This is probably the closest thing to being like Adsense ads. You need a premium site to get in here.

 Chitika – For normal publishers, you’ll get paid peanuts. However, if you got a top quality site, they can upgrade your account to gold level and then you’ll get a much much higher pay per click.

Here are several more high paying contextual & CPM ad networks.



Casale Media

CPX Interactive

Tribal Fusion

Here are the 2nd tier ad networks:

Now if you have a non premium site that has little traffic, these ad networks may be for you. There’s no guaranteed that these 2nd tier ad networks will accept your sites, but you’ll have a better chance here than the premium ad networks above.






Other ways to make money with your adsense-banned sites

You can also try, this is where you can sell ad space to advertisers for a certain timeframe. You don’t get paid per click, instead you get a guaranteed amount for your ad space like: $300 for a month displaying a 125 x 125 ad banner. Buysellads will only accept high quality sites with a lot of traffic.

Rather than getting paid per click or paid per impressions or popups, you may try to put up your own CPA or affiliate ads. A lot of these CPA or PPS (pay per sale) affiliate ads can make you quite a lot of money and maybe even more than those pay per click or CPM ads from a premium ad network.

So being banned by adsense is not the end of the world for you, there are still a LOT of options for your websites to make money.

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