So a few days ago I decided to do the fiverr challenge. I purchased 8 fiverr solo ad gigs, each of the sellers have 99% positive ratings and a good number of sales. All solo ads are for the IM niche and ranges from 2000 subscribers to millions of subscribers. HAHAHA $5 for blasting you solo ad to 16 million people. Yeah I bought.

Most of the fiverr solo ad gigs claim that I would get thousands of clicks each.

Anyways, I created a solo ad for my ebook (Penny Per Click), it converts at 18% on a good day and 16% on a bad day. So if I could get 1000 “REAL” clicks, then I can potentially get 160-180 sales at $6 each.

So today, all of the fiverr solo ads have been delivered:


My traffic stats:


I think these sellers did some BS to my tracking, because I recorded only some hundreds of clicks in my prosper202 but my JVZOO stats showed thousands of clicks. 


Anyways, how much did I make?

That’s right! I’ve made 1 glorious sale. So somehow out of the thousands of “BOTS” or fake traffic hits, a few  “real people” actually saw my page and one person bought it. 

The thing that gets me is WHY the heck do the majority of these fiverr sellers all have nearly 99% positive ratings with hundreds of sales. 

I don’t want to trash fiverr, I LOVE them! But these solo ads just aren’t good my friends. I’ve paid the price, and hopefully you learned something from this experiment.

I’ve now made 2 sales total from 2 different fiverr solo ad sellers. 

Have you bought any solo ads from fiverr?

Leave a comment.

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