I’ve been a member of GetResponse for about 3+ years, and I’ve always recommended GR to everyone.  I was a very happy customer, things were working great! Then suddenly about 6 months ago, GetResponse got hacked, and then these high bounce rates started happening when sending out email newsletters. I am not sure if the hacking has anything to do with the high bounce rates, but coincidentally, it was around that time when the high bounce % started occurring.

Now, I am not the only one experiencing this problem. MANY other email marketers have posted about their high bounce rates problems ever since 6 months ago.

It has truly devastated my email marketing campaigns. Back then, I was getting a bounce rate of 1%, and within just 24 hours, it jumped to 10+% bounce rate. After 6 months, now my bounce rate is around 30%.


This means that if I send my email to 100 people, 30 of them will not receive my emails. On top of that my open rate used to be around the 10%, and now it’s less than 1%. This could mean that my emails are being sent to people’s spam folder.

A screenshot of back in the good ol days…

Also, I do not track clicks, because the links from my email newsletters are converted into a getresponse tracking link; and sometimes those links are reported as malware links or infected links based on users’ google chrome browser. Yet another problem with GetResponse!

Again, I am not the only one experiencing this. But many other internet marketers. Here’re some screenshots I’ve found from warriorforum.




Many have said that Getresponse service ip addresses are blacklisted or blocked by many major email services like hotmail or yahoo.

When contacting GetResponse customer support, they never give me direct solutions, they always give me cookie-cutter responses such as telling me to work on building a high quality list.

Well duh! Who doesn’t want to build the best list as possible. BUT how do you explain your service going from 1% bounce to 10+% bounce rate overnight!

Something is wrong with GetResponse, and it’s getting worse! I keep seeing more and more complaints about GetResponse.

I think the only solution for me is to move my list of around 15k over to another service.

As of right now, I am still deciding on which service to use. I will post updates on finding a new service and see if its any better.

But before that, I want to ask you guys something, do you use GetResponse? How is it going for you?

Do you use another email marketing service? How’s that working out for you?

Thanks for viewing guys!

***I am currently testing multiple email marketing services and will report back my results soon!

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