Hello! It’s me, Leon Tran, thanks for checking out my products.

These are my newest marketing products that I’m currently selling or under development.

Marketing WordPress Plugins For Sale

Omni SuperStar Testimonials Plugin

Easily manage customer testimonials. Displays on wordpress posts/pages and external pages.


Blog Roll Link Exchange Plugin

Easily and automatically link exchange with your anyone.


All in One Free Stock Photos Plugin

Easily Search Millions of Free Stock Photos and Insert Them Into Your WordPress Posts.


Keyword Ranking Psychic Plugin

Predict Keyword Ranking Competition Difficulties.

Keyword Trending plugin!

Instantly Find hot trending keywords at Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Ebay


GDPR Cookie + Policy Page Creator Plugin Pack + Resale Rights!

All sites should have these things!


Marketing BOT Software For Sale

Youtube Viewer Bot

Automatically increase your video views and this will increase video rankings and organic views and traffic!

Under Development…

New PLR Importer Plugin

Easily Import huge amounts of PLR articles.

Easy Download Page Protector.
Automatic Split Testing
Easily split test and track conversions.