Leon’s WSO Of The Day Case Study
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I launched my WSO (warrior special offer) on February 21, 2014. It’s an ebook called “Penny Per Click“. After 2 weeks, it has already generated $7,794 with 1338 sales so far. After the affiliates’ commissions, I take around 25% profit.


It has been awarded top 10 WSO of the week by WSOscout and has also been awarded WSO of the day by WarriorPlus (The Big One).

Here’s How I Did It

First of all, when I did this WSO launch, I practically did it all wrong. I didn’t give away free review copies so that I could get a bunch of reviews & testimonials to add to my salespage. I didn’t JV with anybody. I didn’t contact any affiliates to promote Penny Per Click. I didn’t create a fancy graphical long sales page.  I didn’t even send an email to anybody about my WSO launch.

The only thing I got right was the ebook itself. I wrote it 100% from scratch. Not rehashed stuff. It’s new and it has a good name “Penny per Click”. It’s a guide that I truly believe in, and it basically sold itself. Plus it was priced weirdly at just $6.

  • Day 1 – $150 in sales, zero affiliates
  • Day 2 – $200 in sales, started getting new affiliates sign up
  • Day 3 – $300 in sales, getting more affiliates with big names.
  • Day 4 – $450 in sales, affiliates started mailing to their lists
  • Day 5 – $2700 in sales, awarded WSO of the day
  • Day 6 – $1600 in sales, gained more big affiliates
  • Day 7 – $500 in sales, 80+ affiliates total signed up so far
  • Day 8 – day 13 ….. $150-$300 per day. But started to slow down. 
  • day 14 – sales slowing way down. I’ll have to do a bump every few weeks to get this going again.


Here’s How You Can Launch Your Own Successful WSO

The most important thing is that your WSO must be 100% original. No rehashed stuff. It should be something that many people can benefit from without being saturated.

Use warriorplus, this system handles all of the payments, product delivery, and affiliate payments. Plus if they select your product as WSO of the day, then be prepared to be bombarded with an endless amount of “paypal payment received emails” than you’ve ever dreamed of.

Overall, I’m really no expert in launching WSOs so I will not write up a guide about launching a WSO. But here is a really good step-by-step guide written by a long time WSO expert (Alessandro Zamboni), that I highly recommend for anyone wanting to launch their own successful WSO product at the WarriorForum.

A Step by Step guide on How to Launch a successful WSO in 2014. Everything you need to know about launching a WSO in this comprehensive guide. Plus you get skype support from the author when you need it plus plenty of useful bonuses.

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